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So I know I haven’t updated this blog like I should have …

So today, for my time with God, I was going through You tube and listening to some Hillsong songs and just worshiping Him in praise and singing. And through out this week God has been showing me about the revolution that He has in store for His people. He has this revival for His people, a life with joy and freedom in Christ!

He wants us to know the freedom that we have in him, freedom from sin, freedom to have dreams. It’s amazing what this freedom from sin can feel like. It is indescrible, unfathomable, and it is hard for us to convey to those who are still in this pain. There have been many hearts hurt and that need repairing, and guess what? God is able to repair your heart! This is the freedom that we find in Him!

He wants us to be able to break free from these things that are keeping us from walking with Him, but sometimes we are not open to the change. Maybe we are comfortable in our way of life and like it too much. We need to give all of ourselves to the Lord. We need to trust the Lord in these things. We need to be unlike Thomas in the sense we believed without seeing the holes and seeing him risen. We need to step out on faith trusting that the Lord will help us, because HE will

I think my prayer for our world is what we learned in Ezekiel 37. My prayer is that God would use our dry bones for His Glory. That He would raise the dry bones up for Him. That He would use us despite ourselves. He will do this. When I was growing up, I had an awesome Youth Pastor. And He reminded us, God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. I want you to remember this, God will use you, God will help transform you, just be open to it. Give everything to Him, because He gave everything to you. Let Him have it all, and give it all to Him. Moses had this problem, He had to give everything, His son. He had to sacrifice His favorite thing, and God cherished it and provided for Him. What’s your Issac? What is that thing you need to give to God? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad, but what is keeping you from totally being dependent on God and giving it all to Him? Think and Pray about this. Is it your job, your current relationship, or could even be your cell phone? I’m not saying throw away your cell phone, but is it getting in the way of your walk? What is that thing that could allow you to break free?

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